My name is Mihael Hrustelj and I teach music at Muziekschool Kunstinn. I studied at the Rotterdam Conservatory (Codarts) and I have been teaching music since 2014.

I really enjoy music and would like to share it with other people. My main goal is to develop my students musically. I share my experiences during the classes and I want to inspire my students.

I have always been fascinated by music. When I was 14 years old I got my first guitar. I also learned to play the piano and drums from my father. He was a drummer and had a drum set in the basement where we could practice together.

I always look for a method that suits my students. One method works better for one person than another. I believe that there are no non-musical people, because I believe that everyone should find their own musical way. Besides music theory and practical exercises, I also find it important to make the lessons as fun as possible. That is why I pay attention to developing a musical ear. That means that you will also discover new music through my lessons. You will not only develop as a musician, but also learn to listen to music in a different way.

I make a study plan for every student. My students get a little bit of homework every week. I believe that if you take small steps every week you can achieve a lot in a year. During the lessons we work with musical notation and backing tracks. This way you have a nice combination of music theory and playing along with your favorite songs.

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Hello, my name is Ivy Lemos and I give music lessons at Muziekschool Kunstinn. I was born in Brazil and took music lessons there. In the Netherlands I studied at the Rotterdam Conservatory, or CoDarts. I have been teaching music with great pleasure since 1998.

Music makes life more fun. I want to teach that to my students during the music lesson. I want to help my students discover their musicality and develop their skills. There is nothing more fun for me than seeing my students enjoy music during class. It makes my day!

I grew up with music. I can't remember a moment in my life without music. Early on I noticed that I had a talent for music. I danced to the rhythm of music with my grandmother, I sang songs with my mother and wrote compositions with my father. Music is very important in mu culture.

I have always been interested in teaching music. When I was a teenager I started teaching as a music teacher. I started a singing group for children between 4 and 12 years old in the area where I lived. I have learned a lot about teaching during this time.

The students imput is most important to the music lessons I give. I want to get to know my students well and find a method that suits them best. I do my best to make the lessons as fun and interesting as possible. As said, I think it is very important that my students enjoy playing music. That is why I make the classroom a safe place where they can express themselves freely. When I teach music to children, I try to get their parents involved in the process. Parents can encourage their children to develop musically. I always approach my students and their parents with great respect. It takes a lot of time and energy to develop yourself musically, but I allow everyone to work at their own pace. My motto is: "Everything is difficult until it is easy."


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Hello, my name is Patrícia Vintém and I teach music at the Muziekschool Kunstinn. I studied at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and I give music lessons since 2008.

I really enjoy giving music lessons. During the music lesson I can share my knowledge of music with others. I think it is an honor to introduce beginners to the world of music. The music lesson I give is based on classical music education.

My parents thought it was important that I came into contact with music. I come from Portugal and music is an important part of the culture there. When I was 6 years old I started playing the violin, but soon I noticed that I had a passion for instruments with keys. When I went to high school, I chose a school where I could also take music lessons. Later I came to the Netherlands and went to study at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. I have been a professional musician for a number of years and regularly give concerts. In addition to piano lessons, I also give singing lessons and music theory.

During the music lesson the emphasis is on developing musical skills. The method I use may differ per student. One method works better for one than the other. Everyone can take music lessons with me, from beginners to advanced. Young children are also very welcome to take lessons. In that case I mainly work with musical games and improvisation.

I strive to share all my knowledge with my students. All aspects of music are covered during the music lesson: sound, rhythm, technique and much more. I want my students to enjoy their unique way of making music!


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Hello, my name is Kevin and I give music lessons at Muziekschool Kunstinn. Since I was 6 years old, I was always playing the piano or drums. In addition to the students in the Netherlands, I also gave music lessons in Indonesia for a while. I then noticed that due to my young age I could explain the theory in a simple way much easier.

The best thing about giving music lessons is, I think, seeing the musical talent grow in others. Being able to share my passion for music is one of the best experiences while giving music lessons. From my experience nobody is "non-musical". Music is for everyone and should always be made with pleasure!

In addition to learning the necessary musical techniques, I always try to emphasize musical expression. Music is more than just playing the right notes. That is why I always try to adapt to the student. What kind of music do you listen to? Which musicians do you admire? These kinds of questions I will ask during the lessons so that I get to know you better and also which direction we can go together

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Hey, my name is Thijs and I teach music at Muziekschool Kunstinn. When i was ten years old i found out that there was an old Spanish guitar in my parents' wardrobe. Since that time I'm obsessed with playing guitar.

I now play in two bands, a cover band and one with my own work, and I teach music. I like to play blues, rock, funk, and pop, but I try to encourage my students to play music that they like. As a student of mine you have the opportunity to learn to play your favorite songs during class. Because not everyone is the same, I make a separate lesson plan for each student.

For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed teaching people new things. The progress they make gives me a lot of motivation as a teacher. The nice thing about music is that you never finish learning. For example, if you've finally got the hang of a riff and hear how much better it sounds than when you started, then you are definitely eager to learn more.

Besides the guitar I also play drums, bass and piano. So if you also want to take lessons for one of these other instruments, that is possible. It is great fun to be able to play multiple instruments and you also get better at playing together with others.

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